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[The Creative Congregation]

i_n_s_p_i_r_e yourself

[Creative Writing, Photography and Artwork]
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Welcome to


Community Rules:
(Compiled Exclusively by Your Mod for Your Obeying Pleasure)

 i_n_s_p_i_r_e is a community for artists, writers, poets and photographers to gather and share their works with fellow artisans.  All work posted in here and claimed to be original must be originial.  Plagarism is strictly prohibited and greatly frowned-upon.

 No flooding of any sort.  That includes randomous entries that have nothing to do with anything, endless solicitations, etc.  For promotions, please contact a moderator.

This is an open posting community; allowing all members to post. This does not, however, mean that the entires are not watched. Any mild nudity/sexual themed pictures or artwork are to have a warning that they do contain such themes at the beginning of the entry and are to be posted under a LiveJournal Cut. Severe examples (pornography, etc.) will be deleted.

 Constructive critism is encouraged in this community.  Please do not abuse this.  Butcheries and degradings of original work to an extreme level is not allowed.  Let's keep the peace, everyone.

 New members are required to fill out the Member Application upon joining this community.  Please put all applications under a live-journal cut.  For the script prompt, think of your favorite tee-shirt saying and type it in.  Why?  So we know you read the rules.  =)

Official Member Application:
(Simply copy the text, click the "Source" button on a new lj-update window, paste, and fill it out.)

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