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leave your number on the locker [Feb. 18th, 2007|06:56 pm]
[Creative Writing, Photography and Artwork]



Official Community Member Application

Name/Age:cameron elliot; sixteen

What types of creative activites do you do? (Writing, Art, Photo.): writing, art, photography

Name some creative writers or artists who you enjoy: h.t. hamann, viggo mortenson

Do you have any recent muses or inspirations?: jensen ackles in supernatural - he has a sort of greek figure that's making me want to write and draw and paint and things.

Why do you want to join </a></font>
</a>i_n_s_p_i_r_e?: i want a place to post my art when i don't think anyone else on my flist will appreciate it.

Any guilty obsessions?: lord of the rings, supernatural, select pop music.

Completely aside from the arts, what is a random fact about you that you believe everyone should know?: i recently finished my first book, and you should all go buy it!.

Please post either a picture of yourself, or a picture that resembles you in any way, shape or form. (This is where you can get creative) Also please include a sample of your creative work so we can get to know you a little better.</strong>

this is part of who i am: happy and ready to party.

so is this: mannassass battlefield in january, as the sun sets.

rosebud is a sled
splat! of gore and nothing more
brothers fighting on the floor
peek your head around the door
lover, row your boat to shore.

punch! and we are broke for lunch
fingers tasty just to munch
can you hear their delightful crunch
make a bag and take a bunch

flap! they're calling that's a wrap
latex falls with such a slap
veins form fantastical maps
impala tires keep him trapped

smack! and we are falling back
you push me and my world goes black
i can taste the blood attack
you stumble through the books i stacked.

aha! the frame is put to shame
and all your hatred takes the blame
no true love could ever tame
your ruthless cheating at the game.
16 february 2007

rather be skiing
spinning on an upright lathe
the mad scientist here to play
how vulnerable to be today?
carving out that hardened heart
live together, die apart
16 february 2007